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From Notebooks to Stadiums

Large Display Monitor is available 48 times per year electronically, as a weekly summary .pdf file or as we publish online at the website. 

The newsletter covers technology, markets, products, finance and business news as well as the opinions of our experienced display professional team. Each year we cover more than 20 events around the globe with comprehensive reports on notebooks, monitors, PCs, projectors, TVs and large format displays, touch displays, public displays, cinema projectors and LED and video walls. We also cover the pixel from camera to display.


Reader reviews:

Display Monitor is a weekly mirror of the Display and Semiconductor Industry. The contents are well researched and reflect the moves and news of the total industry. The value of Display Monitor is the broad information in a condensed format. Hence it saves time - NEC Displays

Display Monitor is the first source of industry news I turn to every week, and the only one that I am always going to read cover to cover! There's no other publication, either in print or online, that comes close in terms of providing detailed, timely, and accurate information regarding developments in the display industry. I don't know what I'd do if you ever stopped publishing! - HP

We find Display Monitor the best source of industry news and information. Intelligently presented and clearly laid out, it is an indispensible tool for anybody involved in the Display market - 3M Optical Systems Division

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 Topics covered include:

  • Advanced TV, including LCD, plasma and RP technology, and TV market development
  • Desktop monitors
  • Flat panel display technologies including OLED, FED, LED and plasma 
  • Front and rear projection systems based on LCD or reflective chip technology
  • Graphics cards, controllers and video systems
  • Interfaces and pixel delivery
  • Information displays
  • Video wall controllers
  • Touch and other sensor technologies
  • Materials and manufacturing processes
  • Supply Chain Intelligence and Panel supply/Demand

Each issue includes:

  • New product information
  • Technology news and features
  • Company news, including financial results
  • Market news and data
  • The background to trends in technology and the markets
  • Dynamic Focus - Street pricing surveys on TVs and monitors with pricing from France, Germany and the UK

Every month we feature:

  • A diary of events around the world
  • A round up of news in the displays-related semiconductor and software industries

One of the most important services that we offer our readers is our event reporting service. Display Monitor's reports from major events such as IFA, IBC, NAB, SID and CES are the most comprehensive and authoritative available. 

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