As publisher of Display Monitor and producer of the DisplayCast Research Services, Meko has access to up to the minute news and data from around Europe and the rest of the world. From 1994 to the summer of 2014, Display Monitor was the weekly newsletter which kept you up to date with industry developments.

In the summer of 2014, Meko took over the media operations of Insight Media and merged Display Monitor with Insight's Large Display Report and Mobile Display Report to create the Mobile Display Monitor and Large Display Monitor.

Meko's flagship service, DisplayCast, is a range of innovative and exclusive market research reports for marketeers giving you in-depth data, analysis and insight into the key areas of the European displays marketplace - Monitors, Public Displays and Large Interactive FPDs for meeting rooms - designed to help plan future marketing strategies. Data is delivered via our powerful and innovative MekoQlik online platform.

The DisplayCast Service dedicated to DeskTop Monitors

This is the DisplayCast service devoted to the developing market for Public Displays in digital signage and other applications.

One of the ways we deliver data in our DisplayCast services is using our MekoQlik technology.


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